Extra Mural Activity

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At Khanyisile Primary School, the co-curricular programme is considered an integral part of the education programme offered to the children.

While the skills and etiquette of particular sports are being taught, the overriding aim of education is uppermost in each professional’s mind - namely, to enable each child to develop to his or her full potential and to arrive at a level of adulthood as an honest, courteous, reliable person, a credit to the school, his/her parents, himself/herself, to the community and entirely to the country.

The school selects teams to compete for both local and national events, always seeking to strike a balance between playing with the best team available, giving talented children opportunities to perform at the highest level and offering as many pupils as possible an opportunity to represent the school.

Our pupils are encouraged to give of their very best at all times, to play hard but fairly, to be humble in victory and to lose graciously.  Team-spirit, leadership, and camaraderie are developed through all avenues on the sports field.

Our Extra mural activities includes the following below:

    • Athletics for all ages
    • Netball for mini / Junior / Intermediate / Senior
    • Soccer for Junior / Intermediate / Senior
    • Tennis / Mini Tennis for Boys and Girls
    • Swimming for all ages
    • Basketball for Junior / Intermediate / Senior
    • Hockey / Boys and girls for Junior / Intermediate / Senior
    • Ballroom Dancing for all ages
    • Chess for all ages
    • Rounders for Junior / Intermediate / Senior
    • Judo for all ages
    • Physical Education
    • Kiddinastics /Gymnastics